Yoga Space

How to set up your own yoga space

I recently moved to a new apartment with an extra room just for Yoga. So exciting!

Before that I just rolled up my mat wherever I found a free spot. That was totally fine, but I’m so glad that I now have a room just to do yoga.

Today I want to tell you what I like to have in this very special room.


I like having plants in my room, just because I feel like it gives a better atmosphere. My mat is always rolled out. So whenever I feel like it, I can step on my mat and move my body for a bit. My mat is a Manduka mat (I think it’s a pro) and I love it because it’s extra large, quite thick and has the best grip ever. Not recommended for traveling though since it’s really heavy.

I also have a little altar for my moon ceremonies in this room. I also keep my favorite crystals, my yoga props and some candles in this room.


I keep a little sideboard in my yoga room where I store my yoga clothes, my favorite card decks and some extra candles and smudges. I use the top of it for my tumbled stones, my smudges and card deck I’m currently using and for my moon circle set up.


I also keep my probs in my sideboard. I have 2 yoga blocks (Manduka), a bolster (Manduka), a foam roller and a strap. I do have some more rollers but those are the things I use most of the time.


I highly recommend getting a salt lamp. I heard of so many health benefits of salt lamps such as:

– increases blood flow

– improves sleeping (I keep one in my bedroom, too)

-boosts Serotonin level (yay)

-reduces Asthma symptoms

-increases energy level

-reduces stress (uhm yes please)

-improves breathing

-improves your mood

Besides of all those amazing benefits, I really love the gentle lighting. In addition to the salt lamp, I also use simple white candles and also this clarity candle I got from House of Intuition. They have a bunch of different candles and I’ve tried quite a few so far. I like to pick one for my current mood and already feel so much better whenever I’m lighting one. I also love their purify candle. They smell really good and there’s a little crystal surprise once the candle’s burnt down.

I love lighting candles during my practice. They’re giving my room this special vibe.

Speaking of vibes, I also love having a tons of crystals close to my mat.


I don’t really have a concept. I just pick whatever I feel called to. However, I like to keep some crystals in this room 24/7. Selenite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Clear Quartz are the crystals that are always with me when I practice. Depending on my mood I add some other crystals, too. I sometimes choose one or several crystals for Savasana afterwards. I recently read that Amethyst is a great crystal to have with you during Savasana.


Last but not least, I absolutely love this lavender eye pillow. I bought it from It smells like Lavender (obviously) and what I like doing is to heat it up during my practice. Once I get to Savasana it is nice and warm and smells so so good. Go get it and thank me later!


Alright, I think that’s it. You don’t need a Yoga room to practice. But you might want to add something I mentioned above to your practice. I truly love those additional props and accessories. They give me this extra vibes I’m loving.

I hope this was helpful! Let me know how you liked this post by leaving a comment or reach out on Instagram (@nataliasyoga). I’m always happy to connect with you!